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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Why is a kitchen quote audit necessary? A: Just because someone “does kitchens” or works at a kitchen cabinet distributor doesn’t make them a Kitchen Designer, especially at big box stores (the first stop for many kitchen remodels). These designers are under pressure to drive sales. They don’t always have the time to explain all available options to you, and the ones that cut cost to you will likely be at the bottom of their list.
Q: Do you only do high end designs? A: Not at all. I work with the budget you have and that may mean tackling the project in stages, not all at once. In order to give you a good foundation, I do suggest a minimum budget.
Q: How would you describe your design style? A: I like to describe my style as Modern Diasporic Aestheticism. I like to use classic lines (ala mid century) with a mix of patterns,textures, wood and unique cultural elements. However, when designing my goal is to identify your style and reflect it in your design.
Q: I don’t know my design style. How can I figure it out? A: You don’t have to figure it out. That’s what I’m here for. What you can do is collect images of rooms or pieces you like and I’ll go over them with you to determine a design direction. Often times we are a mix of styles not a particular one. We will work to find the mix that best represents you.
Q: Why do you charge so much? There are E-design sites that charge much less. A: I am providing a thoughtful custom design solution for you. While certain sites purport to do that, this isn’t the case. They operate based on volume, tight deadlines and quick turnaround, which sounds great. However, rushing is never a good component for a design project as opportunities can be missed to fully resolve design challenges and meet design goals.