▫️Budget planning

▫️Quote Audit

▫️Final Quote Review (before ordering)

▫️15 Consultation Hours

▫️5 Design Hours to select Materials and Finishes.

▫️5 Consultation Hours

▫️Use as needed throughout project

▫️Can be added to any package

▫️Utilizes existing cabinetry

▫️2 Consultation Hours.

▫️Concept (1 Revision incl.)

▫️Material & Finish selections (Paint, lighting, hardware etc.)

▫️Links to products and vendors

(Suggested Budget $10,000)

60 Minute virtual consultation with a 30 minute follow-up to discuss my suggestions. (No links provided)

If you have a quote for a new cabinet layout, I will review it to see if there are opportunities to save money (sometimes hundreds or thousands) and if the layout makes the best use of your space. I also help you establish a budget for your project.

*3D drawing and itemized quote required